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The Demise of Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is commonly viewed as the most important business process. Then why do so many organizations not do it?
Three Functions You Should NOT Outsource...
Many advanced services can be delivered by third-parties today. But there are some responsibilities for which outsourcing is a very slippery slope...
Top Team Alignment and Accountability
Senior leadership alignment and accountability is critical to implementing major change. Does your senior team have both the will and the skill required to lead?
StatsCan on Offshoring Business Services
Is offshoring business services negatively impacting the Canadian economy?
A recent Statistics Canada research study says "No, in fact it's positive..."
Xerox/ACS and Dell/Perot: Synergy-Challenged
Technology and service provider mergers sound good in theory, but here are two instances where the value of the combinations is questionable at best.
Trends and Predictions for Finance & Accounting Outsourcing
Here are StratForm's views on some of the latest developments, predictions and trends in the rapidly-maturing FAO market.
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Knowledge Center
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Simple But Powerful Program Management "Tricks"
Program Management is much more than just coordinating multiple projects. Here are techniques we tend to use time and again to reduce risk...
Who is Acccountable for This?
Lack of clarity on accountability is at the root cause of failed change projects. Find out what true accountability means and how to implement it.
Top 5 Worst Practices in Outsourcing Governance
Governance remains one of the weakest areas of outsourcing. Learn how to improve yours from the mistakes of others...
Choosing the Right Pricing Model for a Shared Service
Pricing is a key issue for most shared service centers. Here are common options with our advice on choosing the right one for your business.
Interesting New and Emerging Offshore Locations
Looking to offshore but not wanting to "follow the pack"? Here are three less-known but intriguing locations to consider for your services delivery.
Achieving a "Lean Service" Breakthrough
Lean methods can dramatically improve efficiency and customer satisfaction in service businesses. Learn how to do it in yours.