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Canadians are generally fearful about services offshoring, specifically the impact that moving jobs to lower-cost locations will have on employment in the country. But a recent Statistics Canada research study (see note 1) concluded that these concerns are unfounded and there are, in fact, positive offshoring impacts.
The findings confirm that business services outsourcing in Canada has grown significantly, particularly in service sectors such as banking. However, their study of the economic impact concluded that services offshoring has not had any net effect on employment in Canada.
Instead, service offshoring is causing a shift to higher-value activities, and companies are reinvesting their savings into more communication and information technologies and other areas of business value.
For developed nations, staying at the forefront of technology innovation is key for global success. Offshoring is clearly becoming one of the key enablers for Canadian companies to do so.
1 "Outsourcing and Offshoring in Canada", Statistics Canada Research Paper, John R. Garland and Wulong Gu
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