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StratForm helps companies to develop and manage business transformation strategies.
A well-crafted business strategy defines priority areas of investment to drive your organization forward. Program management successfully transforms your processes, organizational structures and supporting technologies. Inter-dependent projects are synchronized to avoid any potential loss of value. StratForm's objectivity, skills and experience help to reduce your time-to-results and minimize the risk of failure.

StratForm advisory and consulting services:
StratForm services will help you manage the winds of change
Case Study - Situation
Falling commodity prices and a rising Canadian dollar made significant cost-cutting necessary for the Canadian subsidiary of a global mining company. Poor experiences with past consultants heightened the change challenge.
StratForm consultants collaborated with all functions to identify savings needed to preserve the company. 34 projects were identifed and managed through to completion. Counselling services were employed to assist impacted employees.
Reduced expenses by $10M (50% above target) with neutral cash flow within one year. Change resistance was minimized. Company was stabilized and later separated from the parent to be a growing, independent public company.
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Transformation Management

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